GLDAS Data Tool

The GLDAS Data Tool is a tool to facilitate downloading, visualizing, processing, analyzing, and sharing GLDAS v2.X data from NASA. GLDAS, Global Land Data Assimilation System, is a historical earth observation dataset based on the LIS, Land Information System, land-surface model.

The tool is a Tethys application with scripts for automated install and data downloads, several tools for data visualization through maps and charts, and a REST API for programmatic access to the data. Tethys Platform is an open-source software developed at Brigham Young University in the Hydroinformatics Lab. Tethys makes it easier to develop and deploy web-apps for scientific data, especially geospatial and water resources related datasets. Read the Documentation for Tethys and visit the GitHub repository.

For more information on on GLDAS and related NASA projects: